terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2012

facebook: Leonardo da Vinci Arte em Portugal

Exhibition Revolution Tomorrow
painting Empty Nazis
by Cartier


project Leonardo da Vinci in Berlin
experience of artist
Half a year project about Leonardo da Vinci was mostly presented in Berlin, but had also some performs and exhibition in Hamburg. Already using world famous artist name gain attention.
Contact with public have been mostly in street, in the middle of happenings, writing name Leonardo da Vinci in the walls, making spontaneous street sculptures and sharing it in internet by blog and facebook. Big paper boat “Leonardo da Vinci” what Marilyn Monroe opened, was the first show for Berlin, and ship had started its way, although this ship stayed on the road only for some hours. Selling penis in front of the contemporary museums and shopping center was happening that public reacted the most, we got lots lots of laughs, support for example some euros for coffee, angry faces and a shouting women. Last act in Berlin under name of Leonardo da Vinci was walking with almost two meters high penis in the street and leaving it in the square front of the contemporary art museum. In the end the project joking, provocation, research, experience front of the public, new knowledge and getting know Berlin. I got more experienced working with one main idea-the name, giving Leonardo new meanings, approaches, subjects and shows.

Thank you very much,
Kersti Maria Vallikivi

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Thank you for you attention
Best regards,
Cartier and Kersti